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Connecting The Right People

Professional Appointment Setting

We connect your business to the right people, set appointments for you, and accelerate your business growth. 

Let us give you the best offer!

High-quality, affordable appointment setting is just a single step away.

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We Deliver Appointments That Help Your Business Grow.

80% of the sales journey happens before your first conversation with a prospect. We take care of that 80% and get your sales team in front of your ideal customers faster through our appointment setting strategies.

We specialize in connecting the right people to your services or products.

At IDEAL Sales Leads, our B2B sales expertise and proven outbound sales development methods enable us to craft and execute exemplary appointment setting campaigns for our clients. We ensure your continued success by testing, analyzing and adapting the results of our strategies on a daily basis.

Our seasoned team of professionals can take care of your leads and set appointments for you, enabling you to focus exclusively on closing new deals. We connect you with leads that are eager to start a conversation, bringing you one step closer to generous opportunities, and one step ahead of your competition.




Our experience has taught us how to approach prospects from every imaginable industry. For example, we use a different contact strategy for each appointment setting campaign based on the desired title, vertical, company profile and more. We use historical data in the space that you are targeting to increase our efficiency. Through a collaborative partnership with IDEAL Sales Leads, your team will learn from ours. The difference between success and failure often lies in the details. And we're fixated on them.

5 Point Customer Engagement

Our appointment setting services are designed to represent your company as you would while staying invisible to your prospects. We look and feel just like your inside business development team. We use an email account set up on your domain to communicate to your future clients and always take the responsibility of representing your brand seriously. You’ve spent years defining yourself—we help you keep your good name.



Step #1
Campaign Outline
Meet your Sales Development Representative and Account Manager, who will get aquainted with your team, your company's business model, and your product or service to begin outlining your campaign.
Step #1
Step #2
Target Audience
Provide your dedicated Research Manager with your ideal customer profile (ICP) and add any valuable data points for us to include in your lead lists. We will begin generating fresh leads and deliver them to you on a weekly basis.
Step #2
Step #3
We’ll reach out to the prospects we generate with custom messaging and meaningful follow-ups across various platforms to provide a steady flow of appointments for your sales reps. We will warm up your prospects until they're 100% ready to engage with your business.
Step #3
Step #4
Appointment Setting
Your Sales Development Representative will schedule meetings for your sales team and provide extensive details about the prospect to give you a head start. Additionally, we take care of calender invites, rescheduling, and confirmations.
Step #4

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